NsFCC Doctrinal Agreement

First Christian Church (FCC) will grow as God adds to our numbers. (Acts 2:47) We strive to glorify Christ in everything we do. Our church seeks to be unified in the “major” things and allows for differing opinions in the “minor” things. Jesus said that the world would know that we are His because we love one another and because we are one. John 13:35; John 17:21-22

This church has people with many different backgrounds, but we are a team. We are more interested in glorifying God than arguing over non-salvation issues. “How can we agree rather than disagree?” is a very important question we seek to answer. “How can we apply the truth of scripture in a way that shows love for our Father and love for one another so that Jesus is glorified in all we do?”

We have designated doctrinal issues as salvation issues and non-salvation issues. Salvation issues are doctrinal beliefs that we believe we all must be in agreement on because these doctrines are critical for salvation. The non-salvation doctrines are the set of doctrine to which people may hold a differing perspective as long as they respect other positions. We do not see them essential for salvation. With both classes of doctrine we have written what we consider non-negotiable in the approach to these doctrinal areas. By that we mean, this is how the entity First Christian Church will approach these doctrinal areas and those who represent First Christian Church will reflect that approach. We seek to have unity through agreement on the essential salvation doctrines and a commitment to be respectful of differing perspectives on non-salvation doctrines as we communicate how we as a body will approach handling differing perspectives.